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FREE eBook – Minimal Optimal Obstacle Race Training Plan


After the release of our hugely popular Obstacle and Mud Race Finder App earlier this month, we’re very happy to present to you, dear obstacle athletes, another tool to hopefully help you enhance your performance. Today we’re introducing our  FREE ebook – the Minimal Optimal Obstacle Race Training Plan.

As the sports coach behind GRIT CAMP, who races both competitively and for fun, I’ve taken many friends and acquaintances off their couches and put their asses into the muddy, rugged trenches of obstacle races.

Because each person was at a different level of personal fitness, I’ve been able to accumulate a lot of knowledge about preparing for a race. Through trial and error I tested what works best and validated ways of training that you can use to excel at your first race or to take your racing to the next (competitive) level. I put these evidenced tips and tricks into a free guide that’s easy to follow and further customise to your goals. You can apply the advice from this ebook right away – in time for your next training session or race.

We’d love to hear how you find the guide and do give us a shout should you have any questions! If you know anyone who’s just starting out or is getting interested in obstacle racing, please do send them our way.

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