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Hundreds of 2017 OCR Races Added to Our Finder App

You asked and so we’ve worked hard to pull together a race list for upcoming 2017 season.

The update includes hundreds of 2017 OCR races across the UK and USA regions:


So if you’re an owner of our Finder app you can access them right away. What are you waiting for?

I’ve got quite excited and booked a few races for the next season instantly. At the moment my 2017 schedule looks like this:

ocr races 2017

As you can see I’ve got a few big plans. As for the race count… I’m pretty sure it’s going to double in size by the time ’17 kicks in. For that, I’m going to use our mobile app and/or desktop lists, which come in FREE and PRO versions. The only difference between the two – more handy features on PRO version.

Some of the events we gathered are a true must for OCR enthusiasts. In particular I’m excited about these:

1. Tough Guy the Original

We published an article on wicked OCR documentary – Rise of the Sufferfests, sometime back. If you haven’t watched it yet – let it be a movie pick for your off-season.

One of it’s main characters, eccentric fella named Mr. Mouse is a guy behind one of the oldest obstacle races on the planet. I’m talking about the Tough Guy. This is a race that inspired Tough Mudder and number of other races that shaped our sport. The race is a must for any OCR athlete. Furthermore, 2017 is the last year to experience this challenge – it’s the last Tough Guy, and we hope for true grit.



2. OCR World Championships

I’ve been waiting for championships location and dates to be announced for days now. I couldn’t make it to OCRWC ’16 due to late qualifications and it drove me insane. This time, I’m ready to hustle, qualify and experience the Blue Mountain at its epicness.



3. Warrior Run

This is the most memorable OCR event to date. The atmosphere, great trails, plenty of water, as well as battlefield-like obstacle ‘village’ with countless of obstacles. When I say countless, I mean a series of challenges that are placed consecutively. This can challenge even more advanced athletes:

warrior run 2017

Because of the latter, it is also one of the best races to prepare and test your technical skills for OCRWC.


Now back to you! Are you planning to attend any of these?

Note that, as time goes by we will be updating the apps and race lists further. We are also working on bring you the following features:

  • Featured events with exclusive race discounts
  • OCR product offers and massive discounts


If you’re a race organizer and would like for your event to appear on our list – feel free to contact us at: We add all the races free of charge.


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