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Introducing the Obstacle and Mud Race Finder PRO Mobile App

ocr finder pro app

It took us a few months to craft and polish the feature-packed version of our Obstacle and Mud Race Finder App with 2016 races. And damn, am I proud of this latest version.

After sharing news about the original app back in August, we received a lot of positive feedback and feature request from you, and some from various race organisers themselves. This has been very helpful for developing the PRO version so if you’d now like to submit a race or a feature request, feel free to contact us today.

It takes a lot of resource to develop an app and to keep updating it with new races, especially now that OCR is really taking off in the UK. However, as long as we have your support and your desire for more features in the free or the Pro version, we’ll keep improving both apps.


Based on your feedback, the new Pro version of the Obstacle and Mud Race Finder packs the following new features:

  • The new calendar view – look for races by date, not just location or keywords
  • Save races for later by adding to your ‘Favourites’ list
  • Get directions to the race event and view advanced mapping features
  • Updated with 2016 races. Hundreds of events across USA and UK with more regions to come! Feel free to make requests by dropping us an email here or from the app.

…with all of the old features you liked still in.


Available for download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, using the buttons below. We’d love you to leave us your review so we can make more OCR-related apps:

available on itunes appstore for iphone ipadAvailable on google play for android devices




If you haven’t heard of the Obstacle and Mud Race Finder apps before…

As OCR enthusiasts with full-time jobs we’ve always struggled to find interesting races nearby without having to trawl the Internet for hours. Even worse when we’d find an cool event that had already taken place! It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of just booking the same (big-name) events over and over, because you’re already familiar with their website. (Hello Spartan Race!)

So earlier this year we created the website functionality to allow you to search countless races scheduled in the UK and US. Our goal was to provide a bigger picture of events, also listing the lesser known ones, which although they can’t afford pricey promos, might really be worth signing up for!

We’ve since turned the website functionality into free and Pro mobile apps as well, which you can download above.

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