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Weekly WOD

Week 18: Race Conditioning – Running with Burpees

A prolonged elevated heart rate session for race conditioning? Yes, please.

This week’s highlight, which you should add to your weekly WODs, is a simple running with burpees workout.

The basic protocol to make sure you get most out of it is:

  • 400m running
  • 10 burpees 


As many reps for 1 hour.

Record your reps, pace, heart rate average etc. for future reference and try to PR it.


Note that you can adjust your pace to ‘survive’ or persevere and dominate this workout – whichever you feel like doing. Moreover depended on the terrain you are going to do this on the results will vary.

Needless to say you will be challenged and feel similarly to that of the race day – exactly what we are looking for.




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