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Weekly WOD

Week 20: Hill Intervals

Time to hustle up the mountain.

This week on gritcamp we have a running workout you should do weekly – hill intervals. All too often the change in altitude, climbing thousands of vertical feet, can break down even the fittest runners.

Even if you think that it cannot get THAT BAD, it definitely can… Just a month back I had a damn straight reality check while doing almost 4000ft of elevation within couple of miles range. That was completely opposite of pretty.

Without trying to convince any more to add this to the training regimen, here are the simple steps of cracking the hill intervals:

  • Find the steepest hill or a mountain trail
  • Sprint up the hill, give it all and keep going till the top.
  • Jog down the hill. For some this will be much harder to master than climbing.
  • Collect that vertical gain. The more – the merrier. I usually aim for at least 1-2k vertical feet per workout. Given the generally flat terrain in London it takes quite a few runs to collect this.



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